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July 23, 2008

Clergy Couples in Crisis

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I just finished ready this book which came with my Logos library. I don’t really like reading books on my laptop screen so it took a while to read. In fact I started just after I was married…well over a year ago now. It felt it best to read this book before I’m either a clergy couple or in crisis 🙂

Dean Merrill, Clergy Couples in Crisis: The Impact of Stress on Pastoral Marriages. The Leadership library, vol. 3. Carol Stream; Waco: Christianity Today;  Word Books, 1985.
0917463064, 978-0917463068

Clergy Couples in Crisis

Clergy Couples in Crisis

This book is divided into four sections, each dealing with a different type or stress such as personal or church stress. Each chapter consists of a case study involving a real story (with names changed usually). The focus is on the particular stress that led this couple to face a crisis in ministry and/or in their personal life.

I would tell you more about it but I think that at 43 cents you should buy your own copy and read it! Besides, I have to go spend some quality time with my wife~!!

There are 19 other volumes in this series so perhaps I will get around to letting you know what I think of them as well. Take care and may your marriage be a blessed one. Reading this book has, if nothing else, taught me that clergy marriages aren’t easy but then I guess you knew that.


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