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September 6, 2008

Pastoring Politicians

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Harper’s Magazine recently published an article, Palin and Her Pastors. The subtitle is “Those that die without Christ have a horrible, horrible, surprise.” I’m not sure if we should be more shocked that Palin’s pastor would say such a thing or that this is news. This has been the message of Christianity since its inception and hardly something for Harper’s to preach. It is good to see that the truth is still being proclaimed. Many Americans have never been in a church and although they have a historical connection with it they spend Sunday mornings listening to the preachers of our age instead of the biblical word. So thank you Harper’s for proclaiming the truth to a segment of the population that most likely avoids preachers.

On another, how would you feel about pastoring a future politician? Imagine that in two years or ten years or twenty that numerous journalists will skim through all your sermons looking for some “dirt.” How will they interpret them? How will five years of your sermons be condensed into one sentence: “Those that die without Christ are in for a horrible, horrible surprise.” Would it surprise you, humble you, ensure greater fidelity? Who are we preaching to anyway? May the Lord judge and the only dirt discovered in an old sermon be the sinfulness of the reader who is lead to repentance and salvation from that terrible surprise that awaits otherwise.


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