Epistles of Thomas

September 27, 2008

Mark 7-9

Filed under: New Testament — Thomas @ 23:37

Mark 7:3-4 offers a good example of what Fee and Stuart are calling the horizontal dimension. Mark is offering cultural information for his readers. Apparently he does not expect them to understand the Jewish cleanliness rituals. He says “The Pharisees and all the Jews…” We must therefore infer that his reading audience had a large number of Gentiles who had not formerly associated with Jews. The TNIV puts this material in parentheses to indicate it as an editorial insertion by the original author. Also note the footnote which says that some manuscripts read differently. The TNIV decided not to include “dining couches” in its translation. The word “washing” in “washing of cups” is the word baptise. Other translations such as the NASU provide this information in a footnote but the TNIV apparently thought this to be unnecessary. There is also a textual issue and they may have done it for this reason. v7b has a certain ring to it in the NASU, “teaching as doctrines the precepts of men.”


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