Epistles of Thomas

October 3, 2008

Luke 10-12

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How many of us are like Martha, rushing around to ensure that things are prepared? What is the one thing that matters (10:42)?

Luke 11:13 compares the gifting of Holy Spirit to Christians with a father giving his son bread or a fish. In what ways is Holy Spirit essential to our everyday ‘life’? In what ways is Jesus greater than Solomon and greater than Jonah (11:31f)? Why is Jonah used so often as the prophet of example? Both of these examples use the receptiveness of Gentiles to condemn the non-responsive Jews.

What on earth (pun intended) is “rue” (11:42)? According to Miriam-Webster it is “a European strong-scented perennial woody herb (Ruta graveolens of the family Rutaceae, the rue family) that has bitter leaves used medicinally.” BDAG gives “rue” another scientific name, ruta chalepensis, and the Greek word that M-W lists as the root of “rue” (rhyte) is different than the Greek word used by Luke (peganon). Thankfully, Matthew 23:23 uses a different Greek word and his list is translated “mint, dill and cumin,” all of which I have eaten. Not to get sidetracked by the small things the important point is the one Jesus was making. They were more concerned about tithing from their herb garden than about justice and the love of God. BDAG says that “Acc. to the Mishnah (Shebi’ith IX 1; s. Billerb. II 189) it was not necessary to tithe it.”

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