Epistles of Thomas

October 29, 2008

Romans 10-12

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In chapter ten Paul expresses his desire that the Israelites might be saved. There is a natural need for this assurance from Paul who is considered the apostle to the Gentiles. In fact, he had not abandoned his people but their salvation was his heart’s desire and prayer (10:1). Unfortunately, the Jews had not submitted to God’s righteousness by putting their faith in Christ. As a consequence, salvation had gone out to the Gentiles in order that the Jews might be jealous and seek God (10:19; 11:14). Paul attributes the hardheartedness of so many Jews to God’s hardening their attitude and darkening their understanding. Paul asserts that the Jews have not been permanently removed from the olive tree of salvation but will be grafted back in. Thus Gentiles must not think that they have replaced the Jews as the chosen people of God but should be thankful for the opportunity afforded them at the time. Paul ends this section about the Jews with what the TNIV labels a doxology, which is an expression of praise to God (11:33-36).

In chapter twelve Paul seems to totally shift gears and focuses on what it means to live as a Christian. He provides a list of things that Christians do as an outworking of their status and through the use of the gifts God has bestowed upon them. Christians would do well to study this list but to remember that it is not the introduction of a new law. It is an outworking of the Spirit.


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