Epistles of Thomas

November 6, 2008

1 Corinthians 13-16

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Paul continues his discussion of spiritual gifts by making it very clear that faith, hope, and especially love are far more important than speaking in tongues or any other gift that the Spirit might bestow upon an individual believer. Paul then recommends that they seek the gift of prophecy rather than tongues because prophecy builds up the entire church and benefits all equally. He desires that all things are done for the edification of the Church. There should be order in the church with each person taking their turn to say what the Lord has spoken to them in prophecy and to limit their tongues to interpreted speech.

In chapter fifteen, Paul switches gears and reminds them of the gospel which he preached to them. This is the only means by which one may be saved. Part of that gospel is the fact that Christ rose from the dead. Some in Corinth were apparently saying that there is no resurrection of the dead (perhaps they were former Sadducees or Greek philosophers) and this understandably upset Paul because to deny the resurrection is to deny salvation and the gospel. He concludes the letter in chapter sixteen with some practical matters: the collection for Jerusalem, his desire to visit them, and his command that they treat Timothy well when he comes. And lastly, let those who do not love the Lord be cursed! (16:22).


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