Epistles of Thomas

November 20, 2008

1 Timothy 1-3

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This letter is the first of the three pastoral epistles, the others being 2 Timothy and Titus. In this letter Paul is giving advice to Timothy, “my true son in the faith.” Timothy is instructed to remain in Ephesus teaching the Christians there. Some have fallen into sin regarding myths and genealogies. Paul reminds them of his own past and how he was saved out of it by faith through the grace of the Lord.

In chapter two Paul urges us to pray for those in authority and that all would be saved and to come to a knowledge of the truth. Men are to engage in prayer with holy hands, not engaging in anger or discord. Women are to engage in good deeds, dressing appropriately as people who worship God and calling attention to his glory rather than their own. In a controversial passage Paul says that he does not allow a woman to teach or have authority over a man based on the creational order and Eve’s being deceived.

In the third chapter he lists the qualities and qualifications for Overseers and Deacons. It is timely to read this passage with our church elders’ election coming up on Sunday. Most of us know the elders at least somewhat but not all of us can claim to have observed all of their family and work life. I am sure it is easier in a smaller setting and a tighter community such as Ephesus to be able to judge whether someone meets these requirements. I am thankful that our elders are willing to be scrutinised and covenant to be faithful to our church in the way that God through Paul requires.


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