Epistles of Thomas

November 27, 2008

Hebrews 5-7

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In chapter five we learn more about Christ’s role as high priest. He is a priest in the line of Melchizedek who appears in the OT narrative. In Gen 14:18 he blessed Abram/Abraham and Abram gave him a tenth of all he owned. He is also mentioned in Psalm 110 which was already quoted from at Hebrews 1:13. Jesus had made it clear during his ministry that David was referring to him when he spoke those words so it is not surprising to learn that Melchizedek is also a parallel of Christ (Mt 22:44). Jesus is the perfect priest who does not need to offer sacrifices for himself because he never sins. Furthermore, he lives forever and has a permanent priesthood. His priesthood relies not on continuing animal sacrifices but the offering of himself (7:27).

As Gentiles long removed from the Jewish system these arguments may seem a little strange but at the time Hebrews contributed invaluably to the understanding of the early Christians as they related their faith in Jesus (the Son of God) to the sons (and daughters) of Abraham who followed the Law of Moses. Hebrews explains that ours is an eternal righteousness derived not from sacrificial animals but from a perfect, sacrificial God who provided eternal salvation.


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