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January 2, 2009

Genesis 1-3

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Last fall I blogged through the New Testament at the rate of about three chapters per day. This year I will work through the Old Testament at about the same rate, hopefully finishing in September. It is guaranteed to be a big project but I think it is a necessary one. I found the regularity of blogging to be good for my spiritual life and a good motivator to think through a section of scripture each day. I hope you enjoy reading but I’m not writing this for you but for myself. Enjoy…or not!

These three chapters are perhaps the debated in the whole Bible. More ink has been spilled and more shibboleths have been created based on these three chapters that the rest of Genesis combined. As I read these chapters again for the umpteenth time I am struck by the following things. God created a world that was perfect – “it was good.” Humans were given that world as their home and totally corrupted it – “cursed is the ground because of you.” However, redemption was promised although it may not have seemed that way at the time. In C.S. Lewis’ Perelandra Arthur Ramson travels to Venus and manages to prevent Satan from destroying that idyllic world through tempting Venus’ Eve. As a consequence Arthur’s heel is bitten and never stops bleeding. The implication is that the actions of humans will have a spiritual effect.

What were the thoughts of Adam and Eve as they were driven from the garden and the flaming sword was put in place? Did they feel judged? Did they feel wronged? Did they accept their fate? Did they know that redemption would come one day through their offspring? How much arguing did they do as Adam set about working the ground and Eve experienced pain in childbirth? Did they need to create new words for the profanity that they threw at one another? We often have the idea that sin slowly overtook them. As if being cut off from God wouldn’t totally change who they were overnight.


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