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January 27, 2009

Goodbye McAfee, Hello Kaspersky

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I’ve been using McAfee VirusScan since it came on a single 3.5″ floppy but today I removed it from my last computer. Last year I moved my laptop over to ZoneAlarm because I had been using their firewall for years and figured I would try out their complete product. Besides it was on sale. When my licence expired this year I looked around at what was available and decided to buy a Kaspersky multipack. My wife has been using McAfee for years and I bought another copy when it was on sale in the summer. Why pay $30 to extend your subscription when you can pay $10 for another box? It worked fine last year but this time I had problems. Problem number one was that McAfee was only producing a blank screen before I even started. Reinstalling did not work either. Just a blank screen. I finally completed the process manually but then the next day it started telling me my subscription had run out again so obviously something had not taken. So I that was enough of McAfee for me and I still had 1/3 of my Kaspersky pack left so I figured I would uninstall McAfee and “away we go.” Alas, it was not that simple. McAfee does not want to leave a computer once it has settled down! I ran two different McAfee uninstall helpers and the second did the trick. Kaspersky refused to install until I had completely rid the computer of McAfee. I guess they don’t get along together.

So far I have been using Kaspersky Internet Security 2009 for three months and have had no problems whatsoever. ZoneAlarm also uses their anti-virus program so it was only the firewall that was different. I have had no trouble with my computers in the time I have used KIS and have to recommend it over the others I have used although ZoneAlarm works just as good since it is the same engine and data files. However, the package on a whole is better with KIS, I think. So go buy yourself one! Better yet, wait until it’s on sale! I got mine for $30 at FutureShop.


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