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February 6, 2009

They finaly ran out of titles!

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I was reading in the NY Times today about a movie named Push that Lionsgate is planning to release soon but is having trouble marketing. As I read the article I was thinking that it sure doesn’t sound like the movie Push I have seen previews for in the last couple of weeks. I looked on IMDB and discovered there are lots of movies with that title. I thought to myself, that’s great they have finally run out of titles and they will have to stop releasing new movies, TV shows, books, rock groups, comics, mini series, cartoons, infommercial products, and such because you can’t have two movies or books or TV shows or products with the same name running at the same time.

Just think how civilisation will be forced to end once all the names are used so many times that none are left. If you think Y2K or the exhaustion of IPv4 are big you ain’t seen nothing yet. The only option will be to run sequels of things already made. How many sequels will people be willing to watch? Rambo 68, First Blood Renewed and Extended; Halloween 342, The final final final Act; or that old classic Jaws 453, Before Extinction I Was Feared.

Personally, I feel that the end can’t come soon enough. We can finally put the industry to bed and stop watching the same old slop under a different name with different actors.


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