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March 21, 2009

The Volunteer Revolution review

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The Volunteer RevolutionBill Hybels, The Volunteer Revolution. Grand Rapids: Zondervan, 2004. 141 pp. 0310252385, 9780310252382. BR115.V64.

This book can be found in the BAC library under 253.7 HYB.

Bill Hybels aims this book at church volunteers, endeavouring to show them how rewarding volunteer ministry can be. He also includes examples of failure from his own church so it is a balanced book and not just “rah rah rah.” The basic premise is that we are all made for service and once we find our area of service our hearts’ will be fulfilled and joyful. Hybels is the pastor of a large mega church but he acknowledges that he could not have gotten there without the aid of thousands of volunteers over the years. Even today his church relies on the work of volunteers rather than professionals in most areas, including grounds keeping and financial planning. He speaks of how some people find fulfillment far outside their professional field while others’ volunteer work is similar to what they do for pay on a daily basis. It is a priesthood of all believers as his church engages in projects that a professional pastor could not possibly lead.

His church is quite demanding on people who volunteer, requiring that all members put in at least one day per month, with many volunteering up to full time. He suggests that the best way to get volunteers is to encourage people to “jump in” through one day experiences that allow them to participate without long term obligation. This allows them to find their best fit where they will find fulfillment. He recommends not waiting until you have figured out your spiritual gifts and calling but to experiment and see how you develop in ministry as God leads you.

I would highly recommend this book for both volunteers and those who lead churches and minister alongside them.


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