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March 25, 2009

Dave Dravecky; When You Can’t Come Back review

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When You Can't Come BackBiography is genre that people seem to either love or hate. I know some how refuse to read biographies, while others read them all the time. The same holds true for Christians. Some biographies such as that of Augustine are must reads while others remain within a small group. Dave Dravecky’s autobiographies are much more than that, as any baseball fan who lived through his brief come back from cancer can attest.Dave Dravecky

The BAC library has two books about his battle with cancer and his return to the major leagues for a brief time. Look under 796.3 DRA. One is written for children and is self titled while the other is for adults and details his life after he could no longer play ball. His left pitching arm was amputated and he became a motivational speaker but not without life intruding as both he and his wife had to deal with depression resulting from the trauma of his health and other family situations. Not to mention his grueling speaking schedule. When you Can’t Come Back was coauthored with his wife Jan and is the story of them, not just him. It is a heart wrenching look at life after sport from the vantage point of one forced out and dealing with losing an arm. Throughout the story the Draveckys make it clear that God was there for them and they leaned on him for their support. I am doubtless this is true as I survey the lives of other famous sports stars both before and after they retire. Get ready for an emotional roller coaster and hang on until the end.

Dave Dravecky with Tim Stafford, Dave Dravecky. Today’s Heroes. Grand Rapids: Zondervan, 1992. 122pp. 0310586518, 9780310586517. GV865.D66A3.

Dave & Jan Dravecky with Ken Gire, When You Can’t Come Back. Grand Rapids: Zondervan, 1992. 199pp. 0310585600, 9780310585602. RC265.6.D73A3.


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