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June 14, 2009

Bias for boys continues in the west among Asian immigrants

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Not surprisingly, taking a person out of their culture and placing them in another does not change their desire to have male offspring. The NY Times is reporting on two studies that show the Asian preference for boys is continuing amongst immigrant Asians in America. This is particularly obvious when the couple has had a girl or two and then has a third child. Normally 105 boys are born for every 100 girls, for the Asian populations studies this increases to 117 to 100 for the second child if the first was a girl and to 151 to 100 for the third child if the first two were girls.

What shocks me is that experts are surprised that this is happening: “a number of experts expressed surprise to see evidence that the preference for sons among Asian-Americans has been so significantly carried over to this country. ‘That this is going on in the United States — people were blown away by this,’ said Prof. Lena Edlund of Columbia University.” Are experts really so out of touch with humanity? Do they really expect cultural values to disappear just because a person has moved locations? The article concludes with a gynecologist admitting that abortion is the common method for disposing of the unwanted daughters. Does anyone not opposed to abortion for “religious” reasons see a problem with this? It really puts the feminists is a bind – the “rights” of the mother to control her “own” body against the rights of women to exist as equal citizens and not be killed because of their gender.


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