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June 22, 2009

1 Samuel 28-31

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The rest of 1 Samuel concerns the battle between the Philistines in which Saul was killed and Israel oppressed. David and his men are considered loyal citizens by Achish but the other Philistine kings will not hear of him joining the battle in case he switched sides. Meanwhile back at the ranch, Saul is terrified about the upcoming battle and consults a medium at Endor in order to talk to Samuel again. Samuel gives him the dour news that he and his sons will die and David will inherit the kingdom. David leaves the Philistine army with his men and returns to Ziklag only to find it destroyed and their families kidnapped by Amalekites. David and his men mourn and then follow the raiders. They successfully defeat their enemy and retrieve their wives, children, and goods. Some of his men are selfish and want to benefit more than others but David demonstrates wise leadership and divvies the spoils equally. The book concludes with Saul dying on his own sword after being wounded by enemy archers. The bodies of Saul and his sons are desecrated by the Philistines but retrieved and properly buried by the people of Jabesh Gilead.


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