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July 14, 2009

N. T. Wright speaks out on D025

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The Times has published an article from Bishop Wright in which he responds to the actions of the American Episcopal church in which they voted 72% to approve D025. Wright opposes this move because it is wrong and also because it will tear the Anglican Communion further asunder. He concludes: “The Episcopal Church is now distancing itself from that fellowship[of confessing Anglicans]. Ways must be found for all in America who want to be loyal to it, and to scripture, tradition and Jesus, to have that loyalty recognised and affirmed at the highest level.” Those Anglicans living in BC under the authority of an apostate bishop know what those ways look like. They are currently in court fighting to prevent him from taking their churches out from under them.

The irony could not be thicker as the American church recognises that this issue is controversial when they state: “While the church continues to discern God’s will in these matters….” God’s will in these matters?!!? How could God’s will be made any clearer? If you accept the Bible as the written expression of his will it could not be any clearer. If you do not, then stop calling yourself Christian; you are not a church if you do not acknowledge Christ as your head. Let’s pray for our enemies and continue to love those who oppose the will of God, with the hope that by doing so they will turn from their wickedness and seek his forgiveness.


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    Comment by thinkpoint — July 15, 2009 @ 12:42 | Reply

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