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July 15, 2009

Whose Bible is it?

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Philip R. Davies has decided that as a secular religious scholar he needs to begin teaching Sunday school. He recognises that without the great unwashed masses in need of biblical knowledge religious scholars would soon be out of a job. However, he insults those with the most dedication to the Bible, stating

On one extreme are those who believe that the Bible is literally true, in defiance of all common sense: but scholars already spend enough of their time trying to counter this nonsense, and in any case, fundamentalists don’t care about the future of the Bible, because the future is God’s business. The real battle is with the other extreme, the biblically illiterate—whose ignorance is not even their own fault!

So we shouldn’t try to improve the biblical knowledge of those who actually accept the authority of the Bible because they believe it in “defiance of all common sense,” but rather we should try and educate those who could care less and who will have the same inclination to study the Bible as they would to studying Shakespeare, Aztec history, or brick laying.

I really don’t understand why secular scholars think they should be taken seriously when they insult those who actually care about their subject and try to create an audience among those who have no stake in their work. If the Bible is not literally true, if Christ did not literally rise from the dead, then Christian faith is worthless and no one need pay any attention to it (1 Cor 15:17). I have more respect for the biblically illiterate who are ignorant through no fault of their own than for a religious scholar who should recognise that if the events in the Bible are not true then it is a waste of time to study them (and certainly to pay money to scholars for such wisdom).


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