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December 30, 2009

Tired of Do-List Christianity? review

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Scott Morton, Tired of Do-List Christianity?: Debunking the Misconceptions That Hold Back Spiritual Growth and Steal Your Joy. Colorado Springs: NavPress, 2006. 189pp. 1576837963, 9781576837962. BV4501.3.M6743.

Today’s book was donated to the BAC library by Aunt Joan. It was written by a long-time veteran of The Navigators. Morton was 60 years old when he wrote this book but you wouldn’t guess he’s that old by the contemporary style he employs. Not to say that older folks don’t write well but usually their use of language and illustrations gives them away. What is apparent is that Morton comes from the high pressure business world.

Morton discuses 38 misconceptions about spiritual growth in ten sections: spiritual disciplines, temptation, personal ministry, emotional health, your schedule, relationships, family expectations, your body, generally accepted rules, and integrity issues. Most of the time he is right (write) on the money although reader’s reactions will depend on their own personalities and experiences. One doesn’t need to read this book from front to back but can pick sections as random and find something useful. The chapters are quite short and easily readable in a few minutes.

Best of all you can currently buy this from Amazon.com for $1.96!! Pick up a few copies, eh.


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