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March 19, 2010

Fairness isn’t built into our genes

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It’s amazing how much scientific work goes into proving something that is self-evident but here you have it on Wired: “Evolution of Fairness Driven by Culture, Not Genes.” In choosing their focus group the team had to be very selective (hahaha): “Biologically speaking, people in the study weren’t fundamentally different from their circa-200,000 B.C. ancestors, or from each other. What differed was their cultural DNA.” …And their participation in a world that increasingly knows the benefits of living according to God’s will.

“Kindness towards strangers is a baffling human trait, given that strangers appear to have been treated with suspicion and violence for most of human history.” Those crazy strangers, eh. Strangers are still treated with suspicion and violence in parts of our world, depending on the “culture,” which is all it comes down to for the authors of this study: “‘We can’t rule out the possibility that there was culture-gene interaction, but all the variation we see could be explained by plain cultural evolution,’ Henrich said.” What about the influence of Christ? The work of Holy Spirit in regenerating human beings from their fallenness and former life of walking according to the flesh? I think the author of this study need to actually study friendliness towards strangers as perceived within a culture and stop playing games with people. From my personal observations the more Christians live in a location the more love for strangers there is. The less Christians the more xenophobic.


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