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June 2, 2010

Quote of the Day – Pseudo Hecataeus

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201. He says: “While I was marching toward the Red Sea, among the Jewish cavalry
accompanying us was a man named Mosollamus, a strong man of good intelligence; he was
generally recognized to be the best bowman either Greek or barbarian.
202. Now this man noticed that many were going off the route and that some diviner was
watching a bird and asking everybody to stop. So Mosollamus asked what they were waiting
203. The diviner pointed out the bird to him and said that, if the bird remained still,
everybody should stay put; if it rose up and flew forward, everybody should advance; if it
flew backward, the army should retreat. Without saying a word, Mosollamus bent his bow,
shot, and hit and killed the bird.
204. When the diviner and some others got angry and cursed him, Mosollamus said, ‘Why
are you getting into a frenzy, you poor devils?’ Then, taking the bird in his hands, he said,
‘How could this bird give us sound advice about where we should march when it could not
foresee how to keep itself well? If it could have foreseen the future, it would not have come
here; it would have been scared that Mosollamus the Jew would kill it with an arrow.’ ”
205. That is enough evidence from Hecataeus; anyone who wants to learn more can read
the book without any trouble.


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  1. Nice!

    Comment by Neil — June 3, 2010 @ 7:16 | Reply

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