Epistles of Thomas

August 17, 2010

Tom Wright on Tourism

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Tourism is the modern, secular version of pilgrimage, in which we go to famous places, or to see well known sights, not to meet God or to receive healing or blessing, but to see things that our culture tells us we ought to see, to expand our own horizons and experiences, to buy souvenirs to make us feel good when we’re back home, to take photos and videos so that we can steal something of the reality of the place and make it part of our own private reality. You go to Jerusalem, or Athens, or Venice, or anywhere else, to worship the god of secularism, the god of a liberal culture that tells you to observe from a critical distance, but not to get involved. To sense the magic of the place, and then buy postcards. To say a prayer perhaps, if that’s your kind of thing, but not to stay on your knees all day. We’ve got to get on to the museum, or back to the hotel for tea. Our reality must remain undisturbed. Take no notice of that cock crowing in the background.

The Way of the Lord: Christian Pilgrimage Today. Grand Rapids: Eerdmans, 1999. 63.


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