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July 6, 2009

Average lifespan at Qumran remarkably low due to parasites

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In old news researches have discovered that the ritual cleanings engaged in daily by all residents of the Qumran community probably led to their having a remarkably low quality of life and shortened lifespans. Testing of the community outhouse area led to the discovery of various human parasites that would have been common among the community members. Their burying all human waste meant that parasites lived longer and would have infected anyone with open wounds during their foot washing or during their full immersion cleansing rituals, both done in stagnant water.

“2,000 years ago in Jericho, 14 kilometers to the north, the chances of an adult male dying after 40 were 49 percent. But when you go to Qumran, the figure for people surviving to 40 falls to six percent — the chances of making it to 40 differ by a factor of eight!”

Cleanliness was not only next to godliness for those at Qumran but it got them to God’s side much quicker!

March 5, 2009

Stranger than fiction?

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In the truth is stranger than fiction category comes two articles today.

First of all the son (Raphael Haim Golb) of an expert (Norman Golb, University of Chicago) on the Dead Sea Scrolls was arrested in New York, accused of trying to discredit Lawrence Schiffman of New York University. Schiffman believes that the scrolls are Essene, whereas Golb claims they were compiled by a number of different Jewish sects. Apparently Golb’s son felt his father’s case needed a little extracurricular augmentation. He may have lots of time in a small cell to think about it, much like the monks of old.

Secondly, there was the story of the auction of Ghandi’s personal possessions. The seller played the media hype expertly and netted $1.8 million! Not bad for a few possessions from a devout Hindu who dedicated his life to living simply. I’m sure Ghandi would have words for those who have $1.8 million to blow on his personal items. Do they want to remember him so they don’t have to live like him?

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