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November 7, 2012

Logos Bible Software 5 released

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The long anticipated day has arrived – Logos Bible Software Version 5 has been released. If you frequent the Logos user forums you will know that this day has been looked forward to by many for at least two years! Three years ago L4 was released and it was a complete rewrite of L3 and included many new features such as complete library indexing and many graphical resources. Does L5 depart from L4 in such a major way? Read on to find out!


I downloaded the L5 installer and began the process of installing. I quickly discovered that I needed to download a newer version of the Microsoft .NET framework so it took longer than expected but installation was flawless. This means that L5 will not run on Windows XP so those using that OS will have to stick with the older version or upgrade their OS. After installation it downloaded a considerable number of new and updated resources. Logos gave me access to L5 Silver for the purpose of reviewing the product which includes new features such as a graphical timeline and includes their Faithlife materials. Downloading the resources took some time as it was about 1.5GB. I also have other resources and the free Perseus collection so Logos consumes a good chunk of HD real estate – 39Gb. This is because the index basically doubles the amount of space needed. If you’ve used L4 you will know that indexing takes the bulk of time when new materials are installed. I’m happy to report that L5 is fairly quick in this regard and compared to the initial release of L4 we are much better off.

Look of L5

The graphical interface of L5 is quite similar to L4. There have been a few tweaks but nothing major. This is good for the majority of users who will not have to learn to use a new program. This was a major complaint people had when upgrading from L3 to L4 and I don’t think it will be a problem for anyone using L5 after L4.

The Home Page is now completely customizable in terms of which categories it displays data from, such as excerpts from your own library resources, Logos’ various blogs and program information. I think this is a great improvement on the concept.

The menus are fairly intuitive and new users will be able to use most of L5’s features without instruction. However, there is still the fact that Logos contains dozens of keyboard shortcuts that can only be learned by searching out the Logos user wiki (reachable via the help menu at the top right (?). I love that the search screen now has a list of ways to search. This will really help users, new and old.

There are many ways to upgrade to L5 with new packages and features galore. I hope to have another review soon which will detail some of them specifically. In the meantime you can head over to their website and see what it would cost for you to upgrade or buy a new package. Logos always offers a free engine upgrade to their software but this will not include new features. The engine and a minimum crossgrade will be availble in a few weeks according to their forum. Check it all out here.

August 15, 2011

Free resources for Logos Bible Software

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Who doesn’t like to get something for nothing? If that includes you be sure to check out Logos Bible Software’s blog post. They are preparing to release over 3000 Perseus documents for free. These will integrate with Logos Bible Software and provide a ton of material for scholars and others to wade through. It is currently on pre-order as they finalise things and then prepare to release the material in batches in a first come first serve order. The download will be about 1GB so it will require a lot of bandwidth.

Here’s the list:
1. Perseus Classics Collection (1,114 vols.)
2. Perseus Arabic Collection (37 vols.)
3. Duke Databank of Documentary Papyri (257 vols.)
4. Perseus Renaissance Collection (22 vols.)
5. Perseus Civil War and 19th-Century American Collection (340 vols.)
6. Beowulf
7. Richmond Times-Dispatch (1,355 vols.)

August 14, 2009

Finally Alive free

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Logos Bible Software is offering a copy of John Piper’s book Finally Alive free in Libronix format as a way to promote their Bible Study Magazine. Just add the book and the coupon code BIBLESTUDYMAGAZINE to your shopping cart and download away. The details are here with further instructions on getting your free book. The coolist thing about this book is that it is actually complete! They even include the scripture index!! Thanks Logos and Pastor Piper!!!

P.S. They are also offering the chance to win a leather bound Bible again this month. The link provides a list of last month’s winners.

July 6, 2009

Great Bible Giveaway at Logos Bible Software

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Logos, the king of promotion, has done it again! This time they are giving away 12 Bible per month for the next six months to those who promote their new online Bible site. If you simply add this announcement to your blog they will enter you in the contest. The prizes are some very high-end leather bound Bibles in various translations. I have no idea who would spend $200+ for a Bible but I’ll take one for free, and so would you, I suspect. Head over to the Great Bible Giveaway page for more details or leave a comment on their blog post for another entry.

Here is their official blurb:

Logos Bible Software is celebrating the launch of their new online Bible by giving away 72 ultra-premium print Bibles at a rate of 12 per month for six months. The Bible giveaway is being held at Bible.Logos.com and you can get up to five different entries each month! After you enter, be sure to check out Logos and see how it can revolutionize your Bible study.

May 23, 2009

Logos emphasises Roman Catholic resources

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Logos Bible software has long offered some Roman Catholic resources but in the last weeks have added a number of new Catholic products and Friday they promoted the new offerings on their blog with a special offer providing a Catholic lectionary. As a Protestant I find this helpful because many non-liturgical writers refer to the RC lectionary rather than a Protestant one. You can download the new offering if you have the lectionary add-in by clicking on the Libronix Update button found on the tools menu.

They’ve just added a G. K. Chesterton collection which has such classics as Orthodoxy and Heretics but it doesn’t include the Father Brother novels ;-(.

May 11, 2008

Christadelphian Magazine

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I was installing a Logos Bible Software resource tonight and was surprised to see that Logos was offering me a new resource association “Christadelphian Magazine Resource Association.” Nothing turned up on the Logos website about Christadelphian Magazine but a quick Google search confirmed that indeed their magazine is available in Logos format. It did turn up a Bible study essay by a Christadelphian so obviously they do use Logos software.

The Christadelphian Magazine 1864-2000, on CD-ROM

All issues of the magazine, from the time it was titled The Ambassador of the Coming Age (1864-1869), and all issues of the Christadelphian (1869-2000) are included. These can be accessed by a very powerful commercial search program, and they are compatible with the material available on the Christadelphian Works volume 2 CD-ROM. Periodic updates will be made available.

Price: £58.75 (Including VAT at 17.5%)


I imagine this collection would provide a treasure trove of information about this heretical group (They deny the Trinity, both Jesus’ eternal existence and the personhood of Holy Spirit, among other things). I suspect that this wasn’t their intent though. On a related note, it would also be helpful to have access to all of the JW magazine and book resources when talking with them so perhaps Logos should come out with a Watchtower and Awake! magazine collection along with such classics as Should You Believe in the Trinity? Perhaps the Watchtower would pay to send us new issues every week ;-). I suspect though that JW’s would rather keep their historical documents “out of sight, out of mind.”

There has been debate before about Logos providing heretical and non-Christian literature in their digital library with some advocating that it should be flagged. Of course Logos cannot decide which literature to flag and which to not flag. I suspect that the Christadelphians would not be willing to make their literature available in Logos format if it was so flagged. What do you think? Should Logos stick to producing mainstream Christian materials or produce anything and everything and leave it up to their customers to discern what is heretical and should be censored and/or not purchased?


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